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Tuesday, November 9th 2021 – San Francisco, CA.

Last Tuesday, San Francisco Community Health Center held a spectacular collaborative event demonstrating that feeling good on the outside is just as important as feeling good on the inside. Our Trans:Thrive program, in partnership with LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Network @Chanel for Transgender Awareness Week, brought 12 participants from Trans:Thrive to meet with artists from Chanel for a workshop on skincare, basic eye make-up and other beauty tips and secrets. Participants were gifted sample kits as well as a full bottle of Chanel #5 perfume for its 100th anniversary.

The collaboration began with our widely successful SHE Boutique, a once -a -month shopping experience for trans women at San Francisco Community Health Center. Lead organizers Khilynn Fowler and Erica Reyes sought to expand the event and offer new features other than the clothing, accessories and make-up already offered.

Fortunately, the team had a strong connection working within Chanel. Khymme Sugatan, a former Trans:Thrive client and now Lead Visual Merchandiser – Northern California for the brand, wanted to connect their LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Network and experiment this model of community outreach to transgender women hoping to take it nationally. Throughout the afternoon professional make-up artists gave practical tips and demonstrated a number of techniques to enhance different looks using their products.

“This was such an amazing experience for our clients.” Said Nicky “Tita Aida” Calma, Director of Community Programs and HIV Services at San Francisco Community Health Center. “The women that we brought here today are so appreciative because often they don’t have access to such luxurious brands. There’s so much to be said about the connection of looking good externally and feeling good internally. This raises their spirits and validates them as women.”

The event was held at the Secret Bar & Lounge in the Tenderloin, a long-time and strong partner of SFCHC that has been very supportive of the agency. They provided delicious treats and fun mocktails for all in attendance. Their beautiful space made for a fun ambiance.

Plans are in the work, to bring on workshops on personal styling and provide information if anyone would be interested to explore careers in the field of cosmetology.