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Looking for a place to shower? Lava Mae is here

[lead]Starting March 26, in collaboration with Project Open and Lava Mae, the Lava Mae shower bus can be found at Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center every Thursday 9:30am-3:30pm (Parked out front, sign up at the bus). [/lead]

Lava Mae is a mobile shower and sanitation service. We convert retired MUNI buses into bathrooms on wheels; each bus is equipped with two completely private facilities, each with a shower, toilet, sink, and changing area. Sign-ups are free and first-come-first-serve. Soap and towels are provided.

Lava Mae was founded in 2013 by Doniece Sandoval, after she passed a woman crying about how she’d never be clean. After researching shower availability for the homeless in SF (very, very limited), she was inspired by the food truck movement to try bathrooms on wheels, similar to the kitchens on wheels. Once she read that MUNI was decommissioning a whole fleet of the old diesel buses, the stars lined up and Lava Mae was born. We deliver our service in partnership with nonprofit service providers working with the homeless.