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San Francisco Community Health Center is vehemently against the Trump administrations consideration for narrowing the definition of gender to “a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.” This is abhorrent to the millions of transgender and gender non-conforming (GNC) people in this country, particularly the ones we serve in San Francisco.


Under this proposed policy that was reported by the New York Times on Sunday, Transgender as an identity could be defined out of existence by legalizing sex assigned at birth. This is latest move by the Trump administration that adds to their previous rescinding of policies that protect transgender/GNC people prime examples being the transgender military ban and the Obama-era instituted bathroom rules.


“This is a direct attack on the transgender/GNC community and It is clear that the current administration wants to roll back decades of work that provides recognition and protections to the community.” Says Lance Toma, LCSW Chief Executive Officer. “Not only will this encourage hate-motivated discrimination and violence but it will also severely decrease access to healthcare and employment. San Francisco Community Health Center has always been a haven for those in need beginning in early 90’s when it started its first transgender programming, SFCHC will continue to fight for health, wellness and equality for all of our communities, and right now the transgender/GNC community needs our support and solidarity to endure this latest attack.”


The wide spread effects of this policy could have lasting effects on the transgender/GNC community including the potential for, being turned away from homeless shelters, being turned away from emergency services, denial from transition related health care, and harassment in the workplace to name a few.


San Francisco Community Health Center will continue to monitor these latest’s developments and provide updates to inform and empower our community.


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