San Francisco Community Health Center
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We are experts in HIV treatment and care. Our team of doctors, nurses, therapists, case managers, and peer navigators can help you take control of your health in a safe space. We are partners in your health and wellness. We specialize in people of color, transgender men and women, gay and bisexual men, and the chronically homeless.

HIV Treatment

Our team can help you take control of your health. Your medical care is integrated into your support services, like mental health and substance use counseling, case management, and social support. You are more than HIV and you are not alone.

Case Management & Peer Navigation

Our case managers and peer navigators can help you access the benefits and services you need to stay safe and healthy. We can help you stay on top of your appointments, talk to your doctors, and access City services for food and housing.

Mental Health Services

We provide free mental health assessments and individual counseling. Your mental health is part of your physical health. We’re here to help you in a safe, shame-free space.

Substance Use Counseling

Substance use is a common issue that affects our overall health. Our counseling services are grounded in harm reduction practice

Support Groups

You don’t have to be alone. Connect with your community through our safe, confidential support groups, workshops, outings, and special events.

Drop-In Center

Our drop-in center is a safe space to be with other people living with HIV. Regular activities include a free breakfast program and art therapy.

Treatment as Prevention

What does undetectable mean? “Undetectable” means that a test cannot detect the amount of virus in a blood sample from a person living with HIV. Someone who is “undetectable” for 6 or more continuous months while on treatment does not transmit the virus. In the U.S., this means about <40 copies of HIV per milliliter of blood. Studies show that HIV transmission does not occur if viral load is <200 copies/ml. This is also called being “virally suppressed.” Undetectable doesn’t mean that there’s no HIV present in blood. It just means the virus is being controlled. If a person with undetectable HIV stops their medications, the virus will return to being detectable which increases the risk of transmission.