San Francisco Community Health Center
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1st and 3rd Tuesdays Trans Feminine Group 5-6:30 pm

A discussion and support group for transgender women.

Zoom ID:8604460227


2nd and 4th Tuesdays Fifty and Fabulous 5-6:30pm 

This group is for all transgender/ Gender Non-Conforming folks who are 50 and older.


Zoom ID:8604460227


Trans Masculine Group 6-7:30 pm

Come and hangout with other Trans Masculine folks, this group is inclusive of all trans masculine identified folks including non-binary identified folks.


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Meeting ID: 319 905 337




ATE 5-6:30 pm


A.T.E. Support Group: Asian & Pacific Islander Transgender Empowerment Group is a support group that caters to the A&PI Transgender Communities. Contact for details.


Zoom ID:8604460227




Game Night 6-7:30 pm


Hang out with other Trans folks and play some games together.


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Meeting ID: 833 650 239



Folks Who Feast 12pm

We’ll live stream over Facebook Live cooking some easy to prepare meals.

Meeting ID: 701 602 209

Join us on Zoom to explore communication skills, conflict management, creatively navigate connections and of course build community!

Open to anyone in California who is 18+ and identifies as Trans, GNC, or LGBTQ.

Earn $10 every session you attended and $100 after completing the post survey.


Queer Sex Education

A space for young LGBTQ+ folks (ages 18-24) to talk about their Sex Ed experiences. This will be a monthly event featuring roundtable discussions, games/trivia, guest speakers, and more. Queer Sex Ed will be held virtually on Zoom, every 3rd Friday (starting Nov 19th) from 1 pm – 3 pm. 

You can register here.