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San Francisco Community Health Center’s LGBTQ+ Tobacco Control Program aims to reduce tobacco-related health disparities among the LGBTQ+ community through community health education, community organizing, and advocacy for tobacco-free policies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Components of this program include supporting local San Francisco Bay Area tobacco-control policies, working with local community colleges, development of LGBTQ+ specific tobacco health education materials, and community outreach/engagement.

Tobacco Control and Prevention: Key players

SF Community Heath Center is a CTCP grantee focusing on the LGBTQ+ priority population


Over the last six months, SFCHC’s Tobacco Control & Prevention Program has been working hard to establish itself in the SF Bay Area region as a champion for the queer community. Since the beginning of 2019, SFCHC TCP Staff have:

  • Attended the 2019 CA Tobacco-free Colleges Conference in Los Angeles, CA from 1/8-1/9
  • Completed the first 6-month progress report to the California Tobacco Control Program at the end of January
  • Attended the UCSF Annual Tobacco Symposium titled “It’s About a Billion Lives” on 2/4/19
  • Continually network with various Bay Area Jurisdictions to identify areas of potential collaboration

Upcoming Events:

  • SFCHC TCP Staff is excited to organize a Midwest Academy Strategy Chart Session in collaboration with the American Lung Association and Santa Clara County Smoke-Free Communities on Thursday, 3/7/2019 from 10-2pm at The LGBTQ Youth Space in Downtown San Jose. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together stakeholders and constituents from the LGBTQ+ community and Santa Clara County at-large to strategize on how to pass a city-wide policy banning flavored tobacco products in San Jose.
  • The SFCHC TCP Program is actively recruiting members for the Bay Area LGBTQ+ Tobacco Policy Coalition. Coalition membership is open to professionals living in the Bay Area and who identify as LGBTQ+ with a vested interest in tobacco control and prevention. Interested members should contact Chad or Mariah for more details.