San Francisco Community Health Center
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Our Mission

To transform lives by advancing health, wellness, and equality.

Our Vision

We are an LGBTQ and people of color health organization that believes EVERYONE

deserves to be healthy and needs access to the highest quality health care. We foster

resilience, strength, connection, health, and wellness for all communities. To us, health

care will always be grounded in social justice.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide how we fulfill our mission, including our decision making, community collaborators and program delivery.





Sex Positivity


Our Approach

Our comprehensive, integrated approach to community and individual health puts our clients at the center of our work. Our wide array of medical, mental health, education, and community services are designed to empower people in safe, respectful, and supportive spaces. Individual and community transformations inform our training, consultation, and policy advocacy work.

A Commitment To Affirm Gender

San Francisco Community Health Center is committed to celebrating and honoring the diversity of our employees and clients. Part of this commitment includes proactively learning about and adopting practices that create an environment where all employees and clients are able to thrive. We include gender pronouns in our agency’s email signatures as a small, but important step to signify respect for all gender identities. As language is a powerful tool, using the correct pronouns for an individual makes one feel valued, included, safe and respected. Gender expression, identity and names do not dictate one’s pronouns. By adding our pronouns to our email signatures, we are stating that we are a gender affirming organization that encourages everyone to be their authentic selves.